Why ligue 1 is a farmers league😂😂

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25 respuestas a Why ligue 1 is a farmers league😂😂

  1. @SJCmasjid dijo:

    Just see Tunisian league 1 where my team esperance has one 31 league titles

  2. That Was Just An Error From A Goalkeeper.

  3. And they say ligue 1 is better than saudi pro league 😂

  4. Bro everyone knows that: (Based in the last 20 years)
    -Bayern Munich won Bundesliga 15 Times
    -Juventus won Serie A 10 times
    -PSG only won the Ligue 1 Uber Eats 8 times

    And if you think Ligue 1 Uber Eats is the same level as Bundesliga and Serie A, which is not even close, you’re sadly mistaken, also you are just mad that you are a premier league fanbrat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Ligue 1 in Ohio be like💀

  6. @Cjdaman123 dijo:

    Bundesliga left the chat

  7. Can someone please name the second team

  8. But why they call Farmers League? Can someone asnwer me?

  9. Ligue 1 is a good league bro

    OGC nice

  10. penaldo shit camel league is ugly than farmer league dumb old penaldo fans

  11. Ligue 1 is not a farmer league just see the ligue 1

  12. @Lucky1507. dijo:

    Domaldo yallah arabic
    Camel Legue😂

  13. That's why some people don't deserve internet connection…

  14. @styfler6464 dijo:

    Shorts in Ohio be like :

  15. @sounak911 dijo:

    Idk why they call Ligue 1 as "Farmers league" where in the last 20 years.. Bayern won Bundesliga 15 times, Juventus won Serie A 10 times and PSG won Ligue 1 only 8 times

  16. @razvan4185 dijo:

    All the top 5 leagues are the same, but in the other leagues people that makes videos edits them to make the football players look like they are playing good. But French football doesn't allow editing videos.

  17. The 2nd league in the uefa coefficient this season. The league that exports the most players in the world. 50 players trained in France during the last World Cup, twice as many as the 2nd country (25). You know nothing John Snow.

  18. @MatiX415 dijo:

    pessi plays in farmers league and he has only 1 goal, what a shame

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